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There was a list of songs the writers and other people thought were S8 songs. This is mine for issue #40. I made this vid 5 years ago and it finally came true. Go me.

Download link (with fixed aspect ratio) Right click and save.

The thing about changing the world. Buffy looks different. Older and with older hair. Less shiny, bouncy, more distressed. Waitressing again. Name tag girl. Save the latte not the world. Try to save Willow/Kennedy but that’s more difficult and mostly she just gets herself reflected back in their eyes.

You f%$#ed it all up.
You sucked all the magic out.
Willow left me.”

Willow is still afraid no-one could love unmagical her but admits she didn’t want Kennedy to love her.

WILLOW: The world is less it’s lost it’s heart
BUFFY: Is that worse than being destroyed?
WILLOW: Not yet. Eventually, I think it will be.

Is she talking about magic or someone else? Someone she’ll never see again. What I still don’t know is why snake lady made Willow go into her future blindfolded.

Chez Dawn, Buffy gets to let her hair down and have nightmares (the true one not the one where Angel and Spike get it *awwn*). Sisters like they couldn’t be the first time the world changed. Dawn has everything she ever wanted and so does General Backlash but Dawn is wise enough not to call something a victory that cost so much. Simone the Punk shoots him and he falls like Ethan Rayne did in the first arc, the kind of justice that isn’t.

Giles is buried in the rain. All his wordly goods but one he leaves to Faith.

FAITH: You’re the only Slayer. You always were.
BUFFY: Then I really did fail.

Faith is still a little angry/irritated with Giles. He never did let her pick up enough pieces of rogue slayer, too busy hunting the seed (is a boondog). So she’ll pick up Angel’s pieces. He’s in the dark. Sitting.

The balcony scene, Spike and Buffy style. They’re in San Franciso not Verona so it’s a fire escape and more snark than singing. Spike still believes in her. He tells her what Willow thought she wanted to hear and she can’t take it and bails tearfully.

Dawn drives her out to a new purpose. It’s five minutes to midnight and she’s perched over the city. where she reclaims her name.

I’m Buffy, the vampire slayer

By fighting her own people for it. They’re not hers any more. She betrayed them, They’re coming into their own and she’s going to get what’s coming. She changed the world but the world is a big rock that always rolls back down its hill. But there’s still hope. There’s still a blonde. There’s still an alley. There’s a monster. And there’s work to be done.
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