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Title: There’s gotta be something better than this!
Artist: The new Broadway cast of Sweet Charity
Fandom/Characters/Pairings: Santana/Brittany
Warnings: Fighting and flashes
Format: DivX
Size: 27.1 MB

Summary:When did you get so smart?.

Download from here (Right/control click and save target as)

Feedback sounds like a capital plan

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Title: Last Chance Texaco
Artist: Ricki Lee Jones
Fandom Caprica (episodes 1-13)
Characters Graystones
Warnings: Flashing lights, self harm, suicidal ideation
Format: DivX
Size: 49.1 MB

Summary: She’s not there

Download from here (Right/control click and save target as)

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I finally finished remastering my TSCC vid Nobody Loves You. You can download the new shiny by right clicking here or streaming (YouTube allowing):

I still really miss the show and rewatching the vid only makes it more so but there’s some potential good news on that front. Josh Friedman (show runner for TSCC) has written a pilot, which Fox have picked up with a decision to be made on it in May 2011. Originally he was going to produce, he may still be show running but now it has Spielberg and some guys who produced the New Star trek Movie and Fringe as executive producers whatever that means. It’s based on a comic book (sorry, graphic novel) series called Locke and Key about a family (the eponymous Locke’s) moving back to their ancestral spooky mansion in the aftermath of the father’s murder and horrible wackiness ensuing. I haven’t read the books, they say the art is interesting, but they seem to focus on the 6 year old boy, his teenage brother and occasionally their sister Kinsey while the mother hangs around in the background in a haze alcohol-fuelled grief. But that the book. When Friedman did Terminator it was supposed to be all about John but he brought back the Sarah of it and added Cameron and Weaver and Ellison and that Derek guy. And the first character they’ve cast is the mother, Nina - Miranda Otto (Eowyn) and then the daughter, Kinsey ( Sarah Bolger). It could be good. Or never happen. Whatever. Happy New Year!
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I finished my festivid! It's the first vid I've ever made specifically for a challenge, which was a deeply scary concept at first (what if I can't think of anything, what if it sucks) but it worked out fine. Much like ordinary vidding except for actually getting made instead of floating around as a brain vid before gradually fading into virtual nothingness. Also the parts that were hard or hardly formed in the brain version just flowed easily onto the screen and the parts I thought I had nailed were as hard as. Lyrics are not your friend when vidding. I need this bludgeoned into me with a very blunt instrument and speaking of blunt instruments, a rec:

Ego by [livejournal.com profile] cappylicious In which Arthur Pendragon is totally worthy of Beyoncé Knowles.

Other, non-instrumental, vid recs:

Some Time Around Midnight by [livejournal.com profile] bop_radar When Lee met Kara and was doomed. For three minutes feel how that feels.

Black Velvet by [livejournal.com profile] wistful_fever Kurt brings the living colour.
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Hello. And thank you for making me a vid! All of these fandoms are ones I’d love to see vidded. The suggestions (below) will hopefully give you some feel for how I know these shows (and movies, lots of movies) but so much of what I love about vids is to see things I have loved through other people’s eyes. So if you have your own, completely different, ideas that will be wonderful. Everything will be wonderful.

Blackadder [TV] I'm easy but something about Queenie and Nursey or the characters played by Hugh Laurie would be really cool (Lord Percy is the main reason I can never take House seriously).

The Cat People - 1942/The Curse of the Cat People - 1944 [Movie] It's been a long time since I saw either of these movies but they haunt me. The original Cat People I remember as being all chiracuso shadows and the follow up all preternaturally bright. Something crossing over between them would be awesome but really anything that captures the mood of either film.

Finding Nemo [Movie] I wanted to suggest "women of Pixar" as a fandom but I think the rules don't allow it. So Dory. A Dory vid. Or a Dory/EVE/Ellie/Roz crossover vid.

Heathers [Movie] Another movie I remember loving but not much else. Apart from falling in lust with JD (I loved Scottie in Vertigo too, right up until the ending) and then being delighted by him turning out to be such a psycho and Winona Rider pwning him... Maybe a JD Lord King Bad Vid is what I deserve.

Luther - 2010 [TV] Something focusing on the good parts. Idris Elba, Alice and London looking cool. Not all the dead women.

The Wire [TV]
 I've only caught odd episodes. It’s on way past my sleepy time (I grow old) but there were episodes I did see that were so good I think seeing what led up to them would feel like déjà vu. So spoil me rotten. Show me your show.

The Young Ones - 1982 [TV] Go easy on the Rik. That is all.
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This weekend I did ALL the laundry AND signed up for festivids ([personal profile] fan_eunice explains what and why) AND realised that the UK rights for the LXD dancing/superhero/web series had come through and I could download it from iTunes. Yay!

LXD thoughts: Like dolphins can swim )
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So Vividcon has happened. I haven’t watched ALL THE VIDS or even downloaded them but there is one I’d like to talk about.

On the Prowl by [livejournal.com profile] sisabet and [livejournal.com profile] sweetestdrain

Peeping Tara or this vid has ALL THE PAIN )

Glee vid

Jul. 16th, 2010 11:22 pm
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Title: I’m Yours
Artist: Jason Mraz
Fandom/Characters/Pairings: Glee/Original glee kids
Warnings: Slushie abuse and limelight flicker
Format: DivX
Size: 49.1 MB

Summary: There’s no people like show people.

Extreme thanks to [personal profile] anoel for being a fabulous beta

Download from here (Right/control click and save target as)

There’s nothing ironic about feedback

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Having been following the open policy revision process being hosted by [personal profile] astolat and read a large number of other people's posts and comments about warnings and VVC accessibility I think my current, entirely non-authoritative and not very original position is this:

People at risk of being triggered by vids and requesting warnings are grown ups. They are perfectly aware that vidder or VVC or VJ supplied summaries of potentially triggering content are just someone else’s judgements. They don’t guarantee safety but they would make the con more navigable and feel more hospitable. An explicit warnings policy, however imperfect and far from comprehensive a guide it produces/makes available, also at some level acknowledges that they exist, they are visible.

People at risk of being triggered by vids who are not asking for warnings or are arguing against some of the more pro-warning policies are also grown ups. There may be different reasons for their stance but at least in some cases it may be that they have evolved strategies for balancing the risks that rely on convincing themselves that they don’t need to trust other people who are not them to figure out what they need to know. A very in your face pro-warning culture may make the attitude required to do this more difficult to maintain. Where the message one person gets from content notes and checklists is “you are seen” for someone else it might be “ you are being watched (over).”

I think compromise is possible and that several of the suggested models for the new warnings policy could achieve it, the main thing being that warnings/content information need to be kept as separate as possible from other types of information about the con that people might want to access. The need to make the con accessible to warning averse people would place certain restrictions on where information could be made available. For example, warnings should not be integrated in the programme notes or embedded in vids but could be supplied on separate printouts. Lists of which vids and or vidshows vidders, VJ’s or the concom consider may contain specified potential triggers would ideally be collated in one central place that can be linked to but (on request) not copied and pasted into unlocked journal posts. Private correspondence with the concom or VJs should be encouraged but with, if logistically possible, a way for individual attendees to opt out of being e-mailed about whether they need such information. And so on and so on.
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Reading the impassioned debates currently surrounding the Vividcon policy statement I’m reminded of previous discussion about whether a person’s online journal should be considered public or private space. I think the faultline creating some (but not all) of this VVC related discord is similar. Vividcon is a conference, anyone can register, as of now it has a policy statement. In those ways it looks like a public space but in many others and to many others I think it feels more like, not private space maybe but a homely one. Not family homely, at least not biological family homely but created family maybe. Like Scooby space for lack of an existing word and because, to a child of the seventies, Scooby is a prefix that makes things sound friendly.

Since much of the anger began around issues of disability and access, I’ll use a disability related analogy. My kids go to a special school. It’s a good special school that for the last three years is housed in a purpose-built building (of the kind the current Lib-Con government is busy removing funding for the construction of). The building makes things easier for ASD and learning disabled children. The classrooms can be easily sub-divided to allow small group or one-on-one teaching. There are special rooms where students can go to chill out, there are visual timetables everywhere. For those with physical difficulties all parts of the school are fully wheelchair accessible. The space, all by itself, does a lot to make the world an easier, more navigable place for the children there.

Our house is not purpose built. We don’t have visual timetables or a chill out room or many of the other facilities they have at the school but our house is not an institution, it’s a home and where the space can’t do the work needed to make things good the people do it instead. We do it or at least we try. Similarly when visiting places if they’re public places, zoos, museums, parks, amusement parks we read the information and the policies and if they sound like there might be a problem or it’s expensive and there’s no disabled discount we don’t go. We could contact the people in charge and make personal enquires but often it’s simpler just to go somewhere else. If we’re visiting someone else’s home for a party or a barbecue or a dinner, however, we don’t research its accessibility on the internet or ask to see their policies, we talk to the hosts with the straight forward expectation that they will be hospitable. Again, in Scooby spaces people do the work that buildings and best practice recommendations do in public spaces.

So what of Vividcon, public or Scooby? I think the problem is that the answer very much depends on who’s asking. From all I’ve read of the history it began (and not so long ago, 2004?) as a very “let’s put this show on in our barn” operation, in other words totally Scooby (Mickey and Judy = Shaggy and Velma or Fred and Daffny. Dicusss). But it grew and grew and vidding has grown and grown and while some people come to Vividcon the old way, through getting to know other vidders others get to hear of its reputation long before they (virtually) meet the people. It’s become an institution without maybe feeling like one and for those who don’t feel it being judged as an institution is as discomforting and hurtful as if the OFSTED inspector were to arrive on your doorstep to tell you you were a failing home. Meanwhile the response to that probably makes those who read the policy and quite reasonably judged it on its institutional merits feel like they’re being excluded from High Table or the Senior Common Room because their face (or body) doesn’t fit and they don’t know the right people and the right people don't want to know them, which is equally hurtful and discomforting.
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I want to be vidding now. It’s been months since I so much as opened Final Cut and that’s not right. Vidding takes time and work/life/work gets in the way. Still the worst of that is over and yet nothing. No one idea that’s compelling enough to force its way through the clipping barrier. Clipping is too much like work, the bad bits of work, the grading and the costing and the goddamn impact statements that everyone knows are lies, well not exactly lies but not truths either. Actually there’s no part of vidding that’s like writing impact statements. This is why it’s called fun not work. The fun parts of work are like vidding, the reading and thinking and the bench work, actual experiments. It’s odd really, I was never a VCR vidder but the editing part of viding has that feel of something you make with your hands. It has this sense of moulding the images even though all I’m doing is clicking and dragging and typing. It’s only pixels not clay or dough but there’s phantom tactility to the whole process and I miss it.
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January is the teachingest month, February isn’t much better and what fandom time I had has largely been funnelled into making the Summer Glau vid of ass-kicking (mostly mine). But now it’s done, so time to start savouring all those other-people productions, which have been piling up on the hard drive waiting to be fed back and recced.

Wicked Game by [livejournal.com profile] obsessive24 Third time is the charm Dee. You loved Billy and then Lee but falling for hope, for that dream of earth, was the real killer.

Mr Blue Sky by [livejournal.com profile] charmax who always makes the best robot vids. Robot hands, hands of love. Concentrate of WALL-E, one drop to save a world.

I Will Follow Savannah Weaver saves her world with duckies and happy feet.

Past in Present by [livejournal.com profile] sol_se makes me want to play hockey. Even though every time we did play (at school) it rained. Like Glastonbury without music, drugs or choreography. In this vid still the best days of your life.

Etheric Messages by [personal profile] thuviaptarth Alchemical beginnings A pale woman with mermaid hair. The dead sing. The drowned world speaks to her in patterns. What’s important is what’s missing.
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Title: The Fear
Artist: Lily Allen
Fandom/Characters/Pairings: River, Cameron, Bennett, Summer
Warnings: Violence. Also nudity.
Format: DivX
Size: 49.7 MB

Summary: Make me a star

Download from here (Right/control click and save target as)

Feedback and I’ll dance for you

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Happy 2010 to all who made it this far. And it’s vid meme time.

2009 turned out to be a year of record productivity. I made four vids and a vid commentary vid. Which is somewhere between one and a half and double the number I usually get to make. In order of release they were:

Nobody Loves You T:SCC (Ellison and Weaver mostly)

Youkali and Mandalay Dollhouse (contrasting doll and client manifestos to Kurt Weill songs)

Babies commentary Battlestar Galactica, Pulp and biology porn (spoken commentary with accompanying visuals on my first BSG vid)

Riots Black Narcissus (nuns on the run)

My favorite video this year (of my own): Riots. Because I only made it a month ago and it only took 4 days, (not counting clipping). It almost vidded itself. And I think of all my vids it most resembles what I thought it would look like in my head. I think all I was trying to do was to recreate the memory of a film I hadn’t seen for twenty years. Usually memories are deceptive, you remember scenes that never happened or ones that did as being much less choppy than they really are and the colours being brighter and the movement more fluid but with this movie none of that turned out to be a problem. The good stuff was just as good as I remembered it.

My least favorite: Youkali. Because it’s not quite finished but I released it anyway because I had finished Mandalay and wanted to be done with them both. I do like the first three quarters of Youkali but the ending needs serious work still. If I ever get around to remastering I might do that but remastering is all the tedious clipping related parts of viding and none of the fun so it probably won’t happen. Which is a shame because I still like the concept behind both of those vids a lot.

Most successful video: Nobody Loves You. I had a period in the summer of being dissatisfied with this vid although the response was orders of magnitude bigger than any of the others this year. Possibly because of that but more because there were so many brilliant SCC/Terminator vids being released and it wasn’t any of them. Now though I’ve finally got the S2 DVDs and re-watching brings back all the memories of why I made this particular vid so I like it again.

Video most under appreciated by the universe, in my opinion: In terms of comment numbers that would be Riots but in terms of downloads:comments ratio they’re probably all quite similar. I don’t feel any of my vids were under appreciated this year, someone had something interesting to say about each of them.

Most fun video to make: Mandalay. It was nasty and funny, at least I thought it was funny. There was a being a bad, bad person rush to a lot of the making of it and also I felt like I got lucky with how Epitaph One turned out. I made the vid gambling that it would give me an ending I could use and in the end it paid off.

Hardest video to make:
 They were all hard. Nobody was hard because I made it while the series was running and never knew how it was going to end. Also technically because it involved masks, which I have real trouble grasping for some reason. Youkali was hard because I’ve never vidded tango and came close to giving up two bars in because I just couldn’t get anything to flow. Mandalay was hard because comedy is always hard and even Riots, which wasn’t funny at all, had major codec issues in the clipping phase. I just couldn’t get the dvd files to demux to anything usable.

The things I've learned this year: 
It’s been an experimental/self-indulgent year. A year of not getting betaed because I mostly just wanted to play with stuff. So I learned that without betas things are less good than they could be. I’ve learned what it’s like to work with lots of different music and even with me talking substituting for music, which was weird. I’ve learned some tech –I think I’m OK with masks now as long as I stick to simple geometric shapes. With the possible exception of Nobody it’s been an emotionally detached year, a year in the comfort zone. I think I’ve grown destructively, I’ve got better at dissecting the source and reassembling it to make pretty patterns, but not creatively.

Things to work on in 2010: Growing creatively, being less about the clever and more about emotions again. I have three ideas for vids. One I love the song and it’s another old(ish) movie source but very violent and quite manly which may be hard. The second works out a long standing obsession with Hollywood so although it’s kind of meta it’s personal as well. And thirdly a Sarah Connor vid. My Sarah and therefore a little too personal. Also scary because there are such good, definitive Sarah vids out there already. Sarah Connor is Patti Smith QED and she can be Mary and Judy Garland but I think Sarah contains multitudes. I think she could be Amelia Earhart too.
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Title: Riots
Music: A.R. Rahman “Riots” from the movie “Slumdog Millionaire”
Movie: Black Narcissus
Warnings: Nothing explicit
Format: DivX
Size: 28.1 MB

Summary I couldn’t stop the wind from blowing and I couldn’t hide the mountain.

Download here (Right/control click and save target as)

Feedback helps renew vows

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I don’t think I should even pretend to think about taking part in any kind of vid exchange –the fastest one I’ve ever made took 3 months and that’s not including all the early brain-vidding part of the process. Although it’s probably a good thing that someone just posted a Supernatural vid to Paul McCartney’s Blackbird because for a short while I had this overwhelming urge to commit the world’s first Lord King Dollhouse Meta Episodic Bad Vid (it’s about a BIRD. A *BLACK* BIRD). That wouldn’t take 3 months.

Trying to think of rare fandoms to nominate, request or offer for a virtual version of [livejournal.com profile] festivids is still fun though.

Boys from the Black Stuff/GBH

Bleak House (Diana Rigg and Gillian Anderson versions)

Prime Suspect

Black Books, Blackadder, The Young Ones, The Royale Family

The Terry Gilliam animations in Monty Python

David Attenborough’s Life on Earth and all the series that came after

Noggin the Nog (because I have the DVDs, but all things Postgate)

Northern Exposure

V (the original series –must include Diana eating live rodents and the birth scene)

Women of Pixar

Powell and Pressburger movies (except for Black Narcissus because I’m working on one for that and don't want to jinx it)

Movies in which Cary Grant dresses up in women’s clothing

Wings of Desire

Night of the Demon (omitting the last 3 minutes)

Bell, Book and Candle/Vertigo (aka Kim Novak is hot)


Robin Hood movies (not the Kevin Costner one but definitely the Sean Connery/Audrey Hepburn one)

Three Women

Dirty Pretty Things
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Been offline a while because what little unwork/unlife time there was has been consumed with finishing a vidder commentary vid on Babies in time for the current [livejournal.com profile] vid_commentary challenge.

So it’s up there now. Time to go watch/read all the other contributions. Fandom is cool.
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I have some thoughts on some vids. First thought is about [livejournal.com profile] sisabet’s Comfortably Numb , which I am discomforted to have to admit to not recognizing as a cover of a Pink Floyd song (seriously, listening to prog rock was practically illegal in the peri-post punk era). Suddenly it makes so much sense (and I wish I’d seen it on a big screen because that grid work needs scale to fully appreciate – it’s a *big* vid).

Second though is about Land by [livejournal.com profile] sweetestdrain. Because the sea of possibilities isn’t just about the in-story, no fate but what we make, but also about this being a story that’s constantly retold. Harlan Ellison successfully sued Cameron for allegedly basing the first movie on two episodes he wrote for The Outer Limits (Demon with a Glass Hand and Soldier) but the only connection I can see is that they all use the idea of soldiers (who may or may as well be robots) traveling back in time. I don’t think that counts any more than the JC allusions, maybe the apostles should sue. By contrast, the second story directly transforms the central conceit of first. The third and the TV series both do the same for the second – it’s growing exponentially. And the vid weaves them all together and makes its own retelling in the process. It feels as if there’s also something being said in the way the first half of the vid, before Sarah enters left, while it’s still just a John story, is actually quite linear. As if *his* story, the hero/saviour myth, has been retold so often that it’s worked itself into a rut but her story, Mary’s in the New Testament source, is something still new and alive and diversifying in infinite combinations.

My third thought is a rewrite of some old thoughts on another [livejournal.com profile] sisabet vid Icebound Stream. The original post was made for the Tea at the Ford site but that’s been down so long I thought it might be an idea to back it up here.

Cut for past ramblings )
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First some links:

One to [livejournal.com profile] chaila43’s two TSCC vidlets done for the Itty-Bitty Viddy Ficcy Thon challenge. Small is beautiful!

The other to [livejournal.com profile] thuviaptarth’s commentary on kiki-miserychick’s fabulous Sarah Connor vid Ding!Dong!

The latest challenge in vid commentary is for vidders and viewers to do paired commentaries on their own vids. I’m in two minds about this, at least the vidder part. I'll happily put myself forward to comment on other people’s vids but the prospect of signing up to do something in depth and illustrated on your own work feels much more presumptious. I mean I’ve babbled on at length about some of my vids but that was just text and text is cheap. Screencaps would be taking self-involvment to a whole new level. One alternative would be to do an audio commentary but that would involve listening to recordings of myself and again a world of not worthy. Sometimes it’s hard being raised English. There is one vid of mine that I think could bypass the self-screencapping issues. I could do a commentary on Babies illustrated mostly by Biology textbook scans. Yeah, that would work.
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Disclaimer: I suppose these are more (entirely subjective) reactions than recs as such. But words are hard and a vid has to get under your skin for any to come. There is no bad. There is much good. Links to all vids and vid shows are here.

Non-attending Premieres (3 vids) )
Club Vivid (9 vids)  )
Premieres One (6 vids) )
Premieres Two (4 vids) )


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