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Title: There’s gotta be something better than this!
Artist: The new Broadway cast of Sweet Charity
Fandom/Characters/Pairings: Santana/Brittany
Warnings: Fighting and flashes
Format: DivX
Size: 27.1 MB

Summary:When did you get so smart?.

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Feedback sounds like a capital plan

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This weekend I did ALL the laundry AND signed up for festivids ([personal profile] fan_eunice explains what and why) AND realised that the UK rights for the LXD dancing/superhero/web series had come through and I could download it from iTunes. Yay!

LXD thoughts: Like dolphins can swim )
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Summer’s over and Glee is back. Confession. I don’t watch that much TV. Even when there was more time I’d have one or two things I’d watch religiously and ignore pretty much anything else (movies are different). This summer was pretty much a TV desert apart from Luther (disapointing) and then Sherlock (entertaining but problematic). I still wish they’d cast Idris Elba as Sherlock. It would have forced it to become a very different show and Watson might have struggled to make much impression but Stringer Bell as Sherlock? Think about it. Anyway Glee…

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Glee vid

Jul. 16th, 2010 11:22 pm
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Title: I’m Yours
Artist: Jason Mraz
Fandom/Characters/Pairings: Glee/Original glee kids
Warnings: Slushie abuse and limelight flicker
Format: DivX
Size: 49.1 MB

Summary: There’s no people like show people.

Extreme thanks to [personal profile] anoel for being a fabulous beta

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There’s nothing ironic about feedback

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The only thing I’m really watching on TV right now is Glee, which remains the show some one made just for me. The singing and the dancing and the way they tell the story, the big brassy emotions laced with delicious bile and, this week, the occasional thoughtfulness and moments of self awareness. Musicals are always about dreams, about “Maybe Sometimes.” Musical dreams are important even when they break people and “Rose’s Turn” becomes their epitaph, which made this week’s Dream On interesting read more )

Other than Glee, watching the detective with the new Idris Elba series “Luther” on the BBC. It seemed promising at first, great acting, fabulous credits, interesting cinematic references definitely vidable but the stories kind of stunk. I just don’t believe in genius serial killers or not when they’re supposed to be part of my city. It was one of the attractions at first, London noir, but I think that kind of not real only works in a foreign setting where the setting becomes part of the show. It’s like the way medieval thinkers were supposed to see the world around them as one big message from God, the shape of a fern not a thing in itself but a symbol, a sign, a representation of the chain of being. Fictional worlds are medieval, they talk to us in ways real places don’t, they can compensate for other unrealities in the story. London can’t do that for me so all I’m left with is sketchy writing and stock characters however well acted.

Finally, comics. I thought I’d try something by a female writer, bought the first two issues of the new Black Widow book by Majorie M Liu and quite liked them. It’s pretty straight female protagonist noir, the covers are off-puttingly cheesecakey, all catsuits and cleavage but the interior art avoids that and has a cool red and black chiracuso thing going on. read more )
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I had a Madonna phase in the 80’s (didn’t everyone). It never went as far as bleaching my hair with napalm but I did spend actual money on that Sex book (you can pretend you don’t know me). It started with a review of Desperately Seeking Susan (a perfectly OK movie) where the reviewer was a little damming with faint praise about Madonna’s acting (little did they know then what was to come) but described her as having one of those faces that belongs on a screen, back lit and blown up 30 ft high to be stared at longingly from the safe dark.

Or something like that but I fell for the idea and later the videos. Therein lies the big difference between her Madjness and the latest aspirant. Madonna wants to be a star not a Gagaist deconstruction of one. It’s one of nature’s great ironies that she’s no actress. She can pose and she can dance but she can’t act her way out of a paper bag. Sue Sylvester gives good pose but she still dances like a gym teacher and that’s just one reason why Jane Lynch is a genius.

Glee S01E15: The Power of Madonna )
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The Glee pilot aired on E4 this Tuesday, which made for an interesting compare and contrast having just seen the finale.

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Musical theatre, especially film musical theatre, is possibly the most self referential and self-justifying of all art forms. It has an entire sub-genre where entire plotlines centre on putting on a show and where putting on a show is the only way to resist the tuneless, flat-footed forces of evil. The killjoys, the bottom line focused, the sexually repressive, the old guard. By the time the curtain falls on the final production number all must be swept up and away in the conquering tide of popular music and youthful exuberance.

It’s a lie but it works, if it works, because it’s a lie that resonates. I’m low on the spectrum for religious feeling and I don’t want to believe that aliens are out there but I believe in music. I do. But it’s a belief system with a lot of bad faith lurking in its background.

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Glee 1.05&6

Oct. 8th, 2009 10:35 pm
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I didn’t discover fandom until about ¾ the way through Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s first run. Before Buffy my main fandom was old Hollywood movies, especially musicals and before that it was books. Say you like musicals and often the first thing people seem to think of are stage shows but when I say it I’m really just talking old school film musicals, the ones with happy endings however ridiculous the plots. With virtuoso tap dancing and songs that were already hits back in the day. Those movies are like family, I could sit stone-faced through the greatest performance of Wicked or Les Miz but find the good in the crappiest RKO or MGM non-classic.

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May. 31st, 2009 02:46 pm
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I haz two dreamwith codes if anyone still wants one. Out of the blue, I also haz twin vidbunnies for which I am so going to hell but it feels good. And the pilot for Glee, which I’ve watched three times already and that’s not counting the fast-forward-between-musical-numbers viewings.

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