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The only thing I’m really watching on TV right now is Glee, which remains the show some one made just for me. The singing and the dancing and the way they tell the story, the big brassy emotions laced with delicious bile and, this week, the occasional thoughtfulness and moments of self awareness. Musicals are always about dreams, about “Maybe Sometimes.” Musical dreams are important even when they break people and “Rose’s Turn” becomes their epitaph, which made this week’s Dream On interesting read more )

Other than Glee, watching the detective with the new Idris Elba series “Luther” on the BBC. It seemed promising at first, great acting, fabulous credits, interesting cinematic references definitely vidable but the stories kind of stunk. I just don’t believe in genius serial killers or not when they’re supposed to be part of my city. It was one of the attractions at first, London noir, but I think that kind of not real only works in a foreign setting where the setting becomes part of the show. It’s like the way medieval thinkers were supposed to see the world around them as one big message from God, the shape of a fern not a thing in itself but a symbol, a sign, a representation of the chain of being. Fictional worlds are medieval, they talk to us in ways real places don’t, they can compensate for other unrealities in the story. London can’t do that for me so all I’m left with is sketchy writing and stock characters however well acted.

Finally, comics. I thought I’d try something by a female writer, bought the first two issues of the new Black Widow book by Majorie M Liu and quite liked them. It’s pretty straight female protagonist noir, the covers are off-puttingly cheesecakey, all catsuits and cleavage but the interior art avoids that and has a cool red and black chiracuso thing going on. read more )


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