Nov. 12th, 2007 02:24 pm
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I don’t often post fic recs but [ profile] selenak’s Folly about how Nathan met Meredith is an instantly believable piece of Petrelli family history. They say it with flowers, a bouquet you can’t refuse.

This week a new round of synopses posts at [ profile] strangefandom begins. The idea is that people get assigned vids from a fandom they barely know and post their impressions of the later based on the former. Imagine trying to work out the storyline of Life on Mars from There’s too much Light in this Bar and you’re about there. Or actually here. I didn’t have time to participate this time but round one was a blast and also you get to see some awesome and unexpected vids. My favourite from the first was the Princess Tutu amv Hold Me Now by alkampfer81 with another amv for a show called Azumanga Daioh ADVentures in Translation by rogueintellectproductions coming a close second. Read download and weep because there don’t seem to be any region two DVDs for Princess Tutu and I have to see this show. To find out why watch the vid, read the summaries and marvel at the concept of any series where the first line that comes to mind describing it is “Princess Tutu who is also a duck…”

October saw the release of two remarkable movie-based vids both capturing the intensity and tragedy of adolescence albeit in very different contexts.

[ profile] absolutedestiny’s Deep Kick is a hard vid to watch, it pulls no punches about what happens to group of 15 year old gangland boys, their confusion and pain. But it also manages to convey the deep bonds that form between them and why those who survive might in the end look back on the experience and agree with the Butthole Surfers that:

It's better to regret.
Something you did.
Than something you didn't do.

[ profile] charmax’s Cry me a River is about girls not boys and set in a very different world but although class differences replace cutting and Kaposi’s with falconry and fencing lessons the emotional intensity is still there. It still hurts.

Finally moving on to a later stage in life [ profile] bradcpu’s Goodnight Moon uncovers the awful truths of parenthood on Heroes. The places you’ll go.


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