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First off the righteously bad, the funny bipolarity and the nice white lady teacher being permanently scarred by the angry black girl. Thing is I’m easy enough on Glee’s transgressions that I still think these things could have worked if Paltrow had been prepared to play herself as a little bit more of an ass, been just that bit more of an April Rhodes style fuck up. Admittedly the blonde car-crash female is becoming a Glee staple (Sue, Terri, even Brittany in their different ways) but it takes a certain selflessness that I admire in an actor to play. Whatever, as Holly would say. Every thing Sue did was awesome (also Brittany saying she was Mike Chang and Terri's rectal thermometer) but the face-off with Coach Beiste wins by a hair. Sue/diary is my ever-loving OTP.

My more fundamental problem with Paltrow is that she can’t dance but she does try, she works really hard and that’s worth something. I think she sings OK (I’m no judge of that). She pretty much aced it up to the end of Forget You. Conjunction Junction and the over enunciated Spanish, the "I’m the cure for the common class” the buttered floor-glide, the entire Cee Lo number of joy (well except for Rachel flounce-sulking). As for the other numbers, Nowadays, well we’ll speak of it no more but it kind of fit with the amatuer night, let's do what we want to do not necessarily what we’re good at vibe. Umbrella/Singing in the Rain was really wet but in a fun way although I’d have cut it differently (less Schue/Gywnneth apart from that last part with him pouring the water from his hat over himself). Which leaves Make ‘Em Laugh to prove that some classics just don’t remake well. Harry was great but, whatever Kurt thinks this was never a duet. It was a solo in the movie with Kelly for once happy not to self-insert but just to sit back and let Donald O’Connor do his thing. If he had’ve joined in I’d have wanted to slap him, although I always want to slap Gene Kelly so that’s not saying much. I don’t always want to slap Matt Morrison or even Mr Schue since Jon Stamos turned up to be even more creepy but I did here.

De nada, all the wall flips made me think of 'this' because 'this' is a real duet. Never mind the fireworks, just look at how these guys move together. Look and weep:


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